Never on Domenico…

… Should you scream so loud that you nearly scare your adoring husband to death— especially while he’s driving you.

Well, I saw it.  My first one.  A stateside Fiat Cinque Cento (500 for the English speakers).  It was parked on Central Avenue as Jim and I headed home from our Sunday lunch at The Grove. Little, silver, Italian — and absolutely fantastico.  Without thinking, I squealed, “OMG, it’s adorable!  I HAVE to have one!”  Luckily, Jim did not wreck the car we currently own and were driving; and I think his hearing might somehow, miraculously, remain intact.  Nonetheless, if you have not yet seen one, you are in for a treat:

And for the fashionistas among us, Fiat is offering a new option:  your very own Gucci-designed Fiat Cinque Cento.  Yes folks, you can actually drive a Gucci-designed Italian bug around town.  Wow.  I love my paid-for, beautiful 2002 BMW 325i — which is, actually, the ultimate driving machine.  (They’re not kidding.)  But I might smell a new car interior, and the new car payment to go with it, in my not-too-distant future.

Anyway… here’s wishing you buonasera and buon Domenico domani.

Ciao, bella!


1 thought on “Never on Domenico…

  1. Hey Celeste, we’ve had these little Fiats in Canada for about 6 months already…they are sooo cute!! I just came back from the Med and they were everywhere! I’d sure love to have one. I can see you zipping around town in your own Gucci-Fiat!! Post pictures when you get it!!


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